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We make it easy and affordable for employers to create a workplace where people thrive, collaborate, have fun and excel in everything they do.

Wellbeing Workplace Leader

This collection of wellbeing resources equips employers with what's needed to support their employees' wellbeing, health and productivity.

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Wellbeing Engagement Media

Amplified Life's monthly, digital MindHealth Matters engagement media reinforces wellbeing and productivity.

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Wellbeing Pamphlets

These attactive and engaging informational pamphlets promote wellbeing and access to services.

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Professional Wellbeing Services

Our licensed therapists and qualified coaches stand ready to provide counseling, coaching, consulting and training.

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Online and Digital Wellbeing Training

Online and Digital Wellbeing training enhances employee productivity and wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Portal

Allows employers to easily access all wellbeing resources and obtain support from a Licensed Therapist and Certified Employee Assistance Professional.

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Hear What Our Customers are Saying

  • "Working with Amplified Life’s Wellbeing Workplace Program has given me the confidence to effectively communicate with my co-workers, broaden my life skills by using the Enneagram Assessment to better understand myself and why I do what I do for a more successful career and personal life.  Thank you Amplified Life for changing my life!"

    Karly Hayman, HR Manager at Micro Manufacturing

  • “It has been so encouraging to partner with Amplified Life in accomplishing our goal of enhancing emotional and mental wellbeing for our staff."

    Rachel Rydbeck, Owner of R-Athletics

  • Amplified Life has assisted our firefighters on several occasions in the past few years following particularly difficult calls by offering CISM debriefing; they have been of great help!

    Paul Sheely, Fire Chief of Cutlerville Fire Department

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